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Friday, 05 December 2014 12:17

Artisan Coffee – Upper Richmond Road

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Artisan Coffee - 203 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 6SG Artisan Coffee - 203 Upper Richmond Rd, London SW15 6SG

One of my goals with this blog is to help tip off other people in the Putney community, as well as visitors to the area, about some of the best places to go. I also want to profile some of the best local businesses. Because most of us in London find ourselves in need of a healthy dose of caffeine from time to time (or in some cases, several times a day!), here I want to talk about one of my favourite Putney coffee places – Artisan on Upper Richmond Road.

About Artisan

I first visited the Artisan branch in Stamford Brook because my ex-girlfriend (Ladies, I am single now :)) was a big coffee lover. She was very much a fan of Artisan because of their excellent quality coffee, prepared in classic Italian styles, and their cool décor and ambiance. For me, the Stamford Brook branch was a little loud, music wise (I like some good music as much as the next person, but not necessarily when I am trying to wake up with a coffee!), but it definitely had great coffee and food, as well as other plusses like free Wi-Fi, so I was keen to try the Putney branch.


Artisan in Putney looks and smells great, with its big windows making it feel airy and bright while the smell of coffee and pastries allow it to retain that cosy coffee shop feel. It is well designed and attractive with light wood furniture and its centrepiece is a pristine, cherry red La Marzocco espresso machine. To be honest, I am not a true coffee expert like many of you may be so I have no idea if that is a good brand or not, but it looks great and the coffee it makes seems to satisfy the proper connoisseurs (such as at The London Coffee Map, whose review of Artisan you can see here), as well as more casual coffee drinkers like me.


While I may not be an expert on coffee, I do know my way around cakes and snacks, and while I am trying to stay in shape (I am aiming to get at least a four pack ;) so am currently abstaining from stuff of this nature), Artisan do have some very tempting propositions for those with a sweet tooth. Their carrot cake is renowned for being excellent, and I can assure you that it is – a good, moist carrot cake is one of my favourite things to have with coffee and theirs is pretty close to perfection (in nice big slices, too). Another one of my guilty pleasures is Nutella, and if you want to enjoy your coffee like a true Italian, Artisan will happily provide you with some delicious Nutella on toast. This really isn't somewhere I should be going  while I am trying to stay away from these things, but what can I say, it is a minute away from my house!


Artisan is a really nice place to go, and even if you aren't a coffee drinker, they do a great selection of classic English teas. As well as the lovely cakes, you can also get fresh, locally made sandwiches, meaning it is also a good place to stop by for lunch. I highly recommend you check it out!